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From real people to real people

We are Andrea and Maro, two entrepreneurial women passionate about Marketing & Communication and honest and authentic human relationships.

With complementary talents and gifts, we make a perfect match to offer you services with a 360° view towards a common goal:

Helping women like you to grow personally and professionally, unblocking what keeps you from shining.



To accompany holistic therapist women and coaches in taking their best and transforming their ideas, services, and true essence into engaging content that showcases and represents their true Self.

We do it through a solid strategy that uses your own voice.


Our work is based on

RESPECT We respect each other, our opinions, and our visions, and we take the best "juice" of each other.

TRUSTFUL We trust each other, our work, and our clients; we are partners committed to finding the best result for you. We love it when you splash your personality spontaneously and allow us to see you just as you are.

HUMOR We enjoy doing what we love, and the process while working with our clients is always with a "touch of fun." 

CREATIVITY We allow ourselves to be crazy. There are no wrong ideas! Brainstorming is key to observing new perspectives and creating dynamic concepts that engage your patients, coachees, or clients.



The Squeeze Team
Real people behind real services



Marketing & PR - Coach - PSYCH-K® Facilitator


Inspirational Writing is my "juice"

"I am a being of light, joyful that shines and makes those around me shine, a being in constant learning, I am curious and a writer of journeys.

 I am a being that loves genuinely, I give myself completely, I am sincerity, simplicity, and generosity

I am love, I am friendship, I am respect.

I am a being sensitive to nature, to music, to scents, to people. I am someone who observes, I give myself time to reflect, I am a very social being and I need, at the same time, silence and peace to reconnect.

I live enjoying spontaneity and joy; I am vulnerable, and I allow myself to be so. 

I am pure force, I am instinct, I am energy, I am power, I am resilience".

-Andrea Santelices

Passionate about communications and human relations, in love with inspiring writing and personal development. Always involved in women's communities that support each other, creating synergies.

With a Swiss Federal Certification in Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing training at CREA.

I own a Public Relations and Business Administration bachelor's with a Master's in Strategic Communication in Chile, plus more than than a decade of professional experience working in FMCG and B2B with international clients. 

In the last 6 years in Switzerland, I have worked with independent women side by side and contributed to women's communities. 

I see Marketing as a journey to learn more about ourselves and dare to show our value in being as we really are.

I can be an endless and curious explorer of self-development approaches.

I'm a Life Coach and  PSYCH-K® master facilitator and studying Evolutive Astrology to integrate it into this path of self-discovery with you.

Kindness, simplicity, and a smile are my best outfits!



Journalist & Communications Consultant

Digital & Cultural Entrepreneur, Inspirational Muse

Passionate about culture, literature, nature, arts; observing details, words, and colors that mark a difference.

Journalist, with a degree in Information Sciences in Madrid, Spain

In my professional experience, I have collaborated with different companies to build trust in their markets, be they the public and private sectors, or the general public, communicating who they are, their know-how, their values. The way to do it is to tell your story about your activities while transmitting the values and business vision you want to contribute to our society.

Production & Styling
As a stylist, I manage photography and editorial productions at 360°, from the location to every single detail you need to be perfectly reflected.



We believe in synergies that squeezes

We connect you and our work with local and international professional partners such as photographers, designers, copywriters, therapists, coaches, and other experts that contribute to the process of giving you a complete service.
We trust our team partners and their experience, believing that different perspectives always enrich our creative process.

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