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Entrepreneurs: Big Fish in a small pond?

Updated: Feb 28

There are two moments of the day when my creative mind kicks in and starts “writing stories” in the air: the first is when I’m in the shower, and the second is when I go to sleep. Yesterday was one of those nights where this story I share here “emerged.”

To put you in the context, the first thing that comes to mind is to ask you to imagine when mathematicians start solving problems in movies, and suddenly a cloud 💭 full of moving numbers and formulas appears, until finally, when they manage to solve them, the cloud vanishes.

I will tell you the film script: “In the Cloud of an Entrepreneur.”

Act 1:

Generally, at night, instead of starting with the rattle of pending issues, as is the case with my husband ( but shhh ! It will be our secret 😜 ), I try to leave the problems in the drawer and start to thank for the things that have passed during the day.

I do like a scanner of what happened from morning ☀ ️ until night 🌙 . I want to do it because I remember rewarding moments I had already forgotten at the end of the day.

After moments like this, the famous cloud sometimes appears as if by magic.

So, instead of formulas, it starts filling with ideas, stories, dreams, follies, and even jokes; everything always hints at past, present and future... 🤔 Could it be that I have the rattle too?

proceso creativo de una emprendedora
the creative "noisemaker"

Act 2:

From my cloud, I remembered a video where Paloma Palencia asked, what animal would you be? Well, contrary to logic, instead of visualizing the answer, the following question appeared suddenly in my creative cloud:

Why is the Lion the king of the jungle? 🤔

I was curious, and well, since we had just turned off the light (and I left my cell phone well away from my bed to explore the answer by myself), I “pseudo woke up” 🫣 to my husband, remembering that he had been in South Africa a few years ago, to ask him that question.

I didn’t want technical answers, just a point of view.

Then he told me:

Did you see how big an elephant is?


And yet, with how big the elephant is, it feels afraid and runs away if it sees a lion. The Lion, on the other hand, is not scared of anything.

I thought: “I would love to be a lion, but I don’t want it at all if that means that people will feel fear around me .”

-Thank you, my love, for your answer, good night.

Now I can fall asleep, I thought… and BOM!

Endless thoughts came to my mind again.

Act 3:

The first thing that came up was a phrase that I heard years ago as a question:

Lion tail or Mouse head? (is it

better to be a big fish in a small pond?)

Act 4:

In a few seconds, I remembered the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in a job interview to be “lion’s tail.”:

I was sitting in front of the human resources manager and my “future boss”, when they asked me why they should hire me and not someone else.

I responded energetically (and proudly, hahaha ): “I’m the best second!” Pffff Imagine! 🥴

What was I thinking? Well, believe it or not, my intention was good hahaha 🙄 . I wanted to tell my “future boss” that she could trust me, lean on me even when she was not there, and count on me as a loyal support, above all, capable of managing any team and task that came my way. Now it sounds prettier, right?

I have been the director of a pre-university campus in Chile, sales manager, and head of Marketing 💃🏻; I know how to lead people and projects, I’m good at my job, I know it… but well, as my dad used to say: “Good intention, bad execution” 😆

I didn’t get the job (I wouldn’t have hired me either, hahaha), and without a doubt, this “impasse” that I’m telling you about 🤦🏻‍♀️ helped me a lot in life, you can imagine...


Act 5:

Always from my cloud 💭, while I continued laughing remembering this “anecdote,” the slide changed again ⚡ Piuum

Now I was asking myself the same question again, but this time, with lessons learned 🤓 , the path of experience lived, and my business as an entrepreneur in hand:

Lion tail or Mouse head?

Act 6:

Let’s go step by step:

For those of us who have been in the corporate world, we know what it means to be a “Lion’s Tail.” These positions entail the fact of following norms and standards created by another people; complying with schedules, depending on a structure, being accountable, following procedures, and blah, blah, blah ... 😴

On the other hand, in the world of an entrepreneur, we start with an idea or dream, which we materialize, step by step, to our measure, until one day, we bravely jump into the pool with our eyes closed.

We then begin to discover and savor what it really means to be “Mouse Head👑

Emprendimiento femenino, rompiendo esquemas
Let's go for that Mouse Head better ;)

And when you immerse yourself and enter the world of female entrepreneurship, I can tell you that it is the most beautiful and enriching process a woman can have.

creaciones de una emprendedora
We are pure creation

Act 7:

We begin by “shaping” that idea💡that we have in mind, and that makes us lose sleep with enthusiasm and curiosity.

And unlike the corporate world, we do it as if we were a potter working the clay💞, delicately at our own pace, testing shapes according to our own talents, guided by what we are passionate about, by our values and what makes us happy; with a clear intention and north.

I would even dare to say that behind every entrepreneur, a life purpose is manifested in the process…

For this reason, like the potter, we entrepreneurs

reach a point where the worked clay takes shape: lthe final oeuvre is readyready to go out into the world.


Act 8:


On the path of an entrepreneur, that "handmade" final oeuvre designed and created with dedication, patience, and love, is YOU!

You, with your own colors, offering to the world what makes you unique! 🤩

And do you know the best of all? In this and in all future works, always and always, the main character will continue to be YOU, as a woman entrepreneur.

Final Act of the Cloud:

“You own your own kingdom; I’m happy being an entrepreneur,”

I told myself, honoring all those brave women entrepreneurs.

And with this reflection, once again giving thanks for everything, my cloud and I 👯 ‍♀ ️ went to sleep… 🌙


💞I hug you and honor you...


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