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We don't create websites; we build businesses: AUTHENTIC, NATURAL, and REAL

I struggled to write this because it's something so significant for all entrepreneurs that I don't even know where to begin.

If you've already read the article about my journey into entrepreneurship, you would have noticed that the exploration of "unconventional" paths has been the most beautiful gift I've received to step into my life's purpose and embark on the entrepreneurship journey💫.

This has inspired me to write in this space where we symbolically connect through the life stories that I share with you today :)

Do you know that all my clients initially contacted me feeling overwhelmed, thinking that all they needed was a website?

They knew they wanted to communicate their coaching and therapy services (in the field of personal development and emotional well-being of which I declare myself a passionate🤩), and they were looking for someone to help them create an "online business card."

So they came with a very clear idea:

"I need a website to communicate my services." Period.

For this reason, I would send them details of the stages of the "website creation" strategy, but before we began, the first thing we were interested in knowing was:

How committed are you to start this journey?🚀

Working together was simple but not shallow…🤭

So, with commitment cards and the stages on the table, we started this journey of discovery together.

In each joint "reflection" session, exploration, creative work, and above all, personal work, my clients ended up opening their eyes to discovering what truly impassioned them and externally visualizing their true magical touch🌟.

And what was the result of this process?

An empowered entrepreneurial woman💃🏻, aware of what makes her unique🌟, and of the importance of the contribution and value she brings to the world with her services and therapies 🙌🏼.

(Oh, and of course! I almost forgot, the result was also an entrepreneur with a new website 😜 hahaha).


We do not invent the wheel, but we know how to adapt it for you.

The key for your website to work is that behind it, there is "a personal brand strategy that externally conveys the true reflection of who you are internally."

(And trust me, that's our magical touch😎🌟.)

Always, always, always, along with the process of creating your website, we first need to know ourselves as we are to establish the master key that will open the doors to a business that lasts over time.

💡Only then can we build solid foundations through an online business and personal brand strategy that conveys your Being in an authentic, natural, and real way.

That's why the title of this article:

We don't create websites; we build online businesses, authentic, natural, and real.

Let me tell you the anecdote about one of my favorite clients, to whom I have great affection:

We met virtually in a course, and when the speaker recommended my services☺️, she saw it as a sign ✨

She had made 2 websites before contacting me.

None of the pages really represented her, and she wanted to try one more time. The third time was the charm! 💪🏼

Do you know why that happened to her? Because in both cases, she had hired a web designer expert in websites but had forgotten the most important thing of all: my client.

Here, on the other hand, we started with the tortilla upside down🍳:


It is the real connection we generate "between people who speak the same language" that allows me to empathize, to encourage me to understand her universe, her dreams, her fears, to know her better and in an authentic way.

My client is the one who energizes me to ignite the spark of creativity and passion for wellness marketing 🧨.

She is the one who motivates me to get up in the morning to do my job with professionalism and excellence, giving my best. 💪🏼

Why do I share this with you?

Because it's thinking of you that, yes, we design websites, and that's why the commitment to the journey we embark on together is so important, because only then do we explore and discover what makes you unique and communicate it to the world.

That's why there's also so much love, commitment, and dedication in what we do.

Because we work with real people, humans, creating a space where we can take off our masks so that we can create, learn, and grow.

Trust, empathy, respect (and humor) always reign in each session. Because, with mutual commitment, we give our best and work as a true dream team 👌🏼.

We tune into your dreams, as well as the same fears, problems, and frustrations we, as entrepreneurs, have gone through.

It's a constant learning and a beautiful journey of discovery and connection...

From my side, at every stage of the process, I don't rest until that "internal click" is revealed to you, saying, "this is it!"

And you know what? The strategy is like "the legacy," as with it, we can ensure that everything that comes afterward is solid and guides you, like a compass, in every action you take with your business.

So, if you're brave enough to shape your entrepreneurial path and if you truly want a business that stands the test of time, reflecting who you truly are, I would love to work with you.

I embrace and honor you, entrepreneurial woman.

With Love,


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