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Is an entrepreneur born or made? My Journey as Entrepreneur...

Updated: Feb 28

Have you ever noticed that the famous concept of "entrepreneurial spirit" comes up when talking about entrepreneurship? Perhaps you have heard a thousand times whether an entrepreneur is born or made. The debate can be long and nuanced, but before you answer this question, let me tell you a story...


Practically all my life, I had thought that the entrepreneurial spirit was associated with a single personality type that had certain innate qualities: they were people with initiative, innovative, creative, ambitious, determined, resilient and persevering, always action-oriented and with an attitude of constant motivation, among thousands of other attributes, which when I saw them "in action" in other people, I deeply admired.

So, with this definition in mind, if you had asked me five years ago if I would be an entrepreneur one day, my answer would have been a resounding and automatic no, along with the statement: "I don't have the dough for that, I wasn't born with the entrepreneurial spirit."

Of course, with this ingrained limiting belief present in my life, I would never have even allowed myself to explore the world of entrepreneurship... until one day, the universe pushed me to discover it...

emprendimiento femenino
El camino de una emprendedora

Story of an entrepreneur who "makes her own".”

A few years ago, I came to live in Switzerland for love, leaving family, friends, a stable job and a relatively happy life to build what I call "my family of two".

A few years ago, I came to live in Switzerland for love, leaving family, friends, a stable job, and a relatively happy life to build what I call "my family of two.

If you have ever migrated, you will quickly understand what I am talking about and all the challenges that come with leaving your "known" zone to find yourself in a completely new world where you have to make your way, sometimes practically from scratch, and where all the "labels" and "status" you had in your home country fall like a house of cards, leaving you completely vulnerable in front of a new reality.

In my case, in addition to learning the language, I had to study for a federal Marketing Specialist certification that would allow me to validate my university degrees and my ten years of experience in marketing in Chile. Despite being the only non-Swiss in my class, I came first in the written exam. A real pride that confirmed that my studies and career in Chile had also paid off in Switzerland.

It was then, with a "local" title in hand, that the universe subtly and lovingly showed me another path: the path of entrepreneurship.

Historia de emprendimiento femenino
Historia de un emprendimiento femenino

While doing a "traditional" job search, I started in parallel to help women entrepreneurs in personal development. Without realizing it, I was linking my profession and all my professional experience for the first time with the subject I was most passionate about in life, which I automatically connected.

I began to marvel at the process of creating and watching these women's eyes light up as they saw the magic of marketing at work in their lives; giving value to their services in an authentic way, empowering them with a solid strategy; all without losing their true essence. And do you know what was the greatest gift that the universe gave me in this unexpected turnaround? The same magic that I saw in them, began to wonderfully transform my life as well.

Eureka, this was what I wanted for my life!

With this, not only was my mission in life unexpectedly revealed, but also I created The Squeeze Team, activating at the same time my passion, my determination, my commitment, my perseverance, my creativity, my resilience, my innovation, my ambition, my motivation to keep building my dreams, my energy, and my action, along with all the qualities that I thought, until then, were "innate" to a person with an entrepreneurial spirit, were activated.

historia de de the squeeze team
The Squeeze Team

That's why I wanted to share my personal story with you before you answer this question yourself. Because if you were to ask me now whether an entrepreneur is born or made, the answer I would give you would be completely different from years ago, as it would come not only from a belief but also from the certainty of my own experience that adds a new distinction to the well-known term entrepreneurship.

"New lenses" to observe the path of female entrepreneurship

So after this story, do you want to know my answer today?

"An entrepreneur is either born or made."

I imagine you were left for a few seconds with a "what?" look on your face, or maybe you're wondering, how come?

Because in the end, in the path of entrepreneurship, it doesn't matter whether a person is born or becomes an entrepreneur.

What really counts in this story is that, in both cases, there is something in common: clarity in their mission, a life purpose, and a vision of the future that guides them like compasses on their path.

It is only with the certainty that you can "create what you believe" that the universe conspires in your favor and the magic manifests.

Indeed the path of an entrepreneur, like yours or mine, may not always be easy; on the contrary, most of the time, we encounter unexpected obstacles, or we may go slower than we imagined, or we have to battle with endless limiting beliefs and fears that paralyze us, among other things, but believe me, once we are clear about who we are and what we want to offer to the world, we will always find the strength to move forward and advance.

So, I sincerely hope that you find clarity in discovering your true mission, vision, and purpose in life so that the entrepreneurial spirit is activated in you and drives you to go for your dreams and to move mountains, if necessary, to make them come true.

As Claudia, a client I love very much, says: "Trust the process."

Bon voyage!

With love,


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